A Pinch of Dazzling per a Glass of Night
Legends on a Striding Rock
Survival Course for a Spectator
Harpies Who Fly above the Dawn
Moon Path
Doors of the Darkest Side of the Day
Weather Forecast to Morning
Reflected Dusk. Sagas
The Last Totem
Dialogue on the Wall
On the Wall
The Schoenberg Limit
A Strolling Dragon Splashes
in Waters  of a Cold Lake  
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The Sunsets' Book
The Dawns' Book. Sagas
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Selected Projects of the World:
Ruin Building. Guide for Dummies
I, Robot Inc.
Splash Who Lived in a Well
Prolegomena of the Evolution. The Saga on
a Fighting Fish
Reflected Dusk. The Saga by Black Coal
Strawberry's Night   
Patriot of the Planet
A Watch for a Pelican