Science behind the Art

…Andromeda, one of our nearest galaxies, is hurdling at breakneck pace (250,000
mls/hour to be precise–700 km/sec) towards us, the Milky Way. The oncoming
collision is destined, and it’s ~4 billion years away.

It took 3.8 billion years for the life on this planet to evolve from “the nothing” to a
complex reasonable system capable to organize its perceptual vision into a construct
of this kind.

One theory tells that no kind of highly developed life is able to survive such a span of
time–as well as the life is inevitable wherever surroundings are appropriate.

There is also another theory telling that such cosmic event is never to happen–until
there is someone to witness it.


The author created his conception of the art prior to data from the Hubble Space
Telescope; the visionary interpretation of events and possible consequences is

Galaxy Visualization–computing interpretation of the collision:

Credit Luke Groskin  and Barry Rothberg
Leibnitz Institute for Astrophysics, Potsdam