Science behind the Art

…After the two wars against highlanders, they are now easily frightened,
barefaced, and cautious…
– In Russia’s southern borders, a neighboring to
Georgia Chechen republic with indigenous population of Chechens has
separated from Russia creating a new “emergent nation,” the republic of
Ichkeria (original name); after fighting against Russian forces (1994-96),
declared national independence, with elected president, constitution, and
national flag; reoccupied by Moscow (2000), with new Russian title
“Chechnya.” Oil and natural gas resources. Less known that almost all the
industry of the USSR grew up on the oil of this tiny republic.

The noisily declared by Moscow all-the-planet war against the republic as the
ethnic center of global terrorism (with Moscow at the cutting edge of the
bloody historical battle) has had only a partial success: the West, taught by
previous history, always preferred to relay upon its own information sources;
“peoples of the whole Russian Federation,” as always, would do whatever
Moscow would say them to do. With the same patiency they would be bound
against an intrusion of extraterrestrial reason.

More interesting is that all-over the 13-timezone geography these two wars
were called “abstract.” For a western mind it would be difficult to comprehend
why then they have been paying so many victims and burning amounts of
national money for wars, if they were so “abstract.”
No mentioning on national
liberation fighting or on national independence of a small ethnic identity from
Moscow there ever was in Russian hypertrofied information machines

Whether the heavy losses and long years of fighting cost the reoccupation,
this question perplexed even the moscow itself, almost leading to a secession
within Russian government. In fact, actual reasons have been laying very far
from the southern borders. Had this small ethnic area separated from Moscow,
following sample of Georgia, Estonia, and other republics, the two republics of
the Urals Territory, Bashkiria and Tatarstan, and the republic of Hara-Horum
(original name for Mountainous Altai, ethnic area on the borders to Mongolia)
would separate, too.

And this would now be just the matter of time the separation from Russia of the
whole Eastern Federation. This would mean remaining of Moscow without all
gas and oil resources.