Science behind the Art

…indigenous population… - Bashkirs, euronomads, a nation of
Turanian language family, located in Urals; Yenisei language
family, an ethnic cultures tree, originally dwelt in Siberia; now is
almost dissipated. Origin of Turanians has been traced to Huns,
known as pioneers of the great migration of peoples, whose
Attila is also known as a destroyer of the primal gene
pool of Europe.

A very diversified anthropological characteristics of Bashkirs, with
omission of assimilation during Russian vassalage, is being
explained by historical transforming of Altai language family to a
Ural-Altaic one. The tribes of Huns, who partially were composed
of Indo-European tribes, have mixed themselves with local Finno-
Ugric tribes of the Urals.
The Huns’ famous tribal marshal Attila (Attila the Hun) is often called as an initiator of the Roman
Empire’s demolition; in fact, the Huns union limited their appetite by taking from Rome a usual
tribute. It is precisely that circumstance of a modern “Attila from nowhere” as a danger to Moscow
Empire that allowed Moscow to trace “historical parallels” between its oncoming ruining and the
foregone culture of Rome. Critics say that Moscow’s legacy of concentration camps could hardly
compare to the inheritance of the Roman culture.
Attila the Hun, 2001. Courtesy of Universal Studios